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Fire Fighter Resume

Firefighter is a person who performs his operations at the time of emergency such as in fire suppressions and rescue. Fire fighters are always ready for the emergency calls. Other activities which are performed by these persons are unit training, personal development, educating the people regarding fire safety, apparatus maintenance, building inspections etc. However, the High School qualification is considered as a minimum education for this job. Although some states require degree in Fire Science and it will be better if person is CPR certified.

Few points should be considered while preparing your Fire Fighter Resume as they can grow the chances of getting a good job in this field such as-

  • Education: One should try to include the recent education details in his resume and one should try to be specific when explaining his education details in his resume.
  • Experience: This part of your resume is very essential as it plays a vital role when you are giving an interview. One should write the names of all the employers under whom one has worked and that too along with three years chronological format. It is better for you if you can add duration of service for each employer you have worked for.
  • Volunteer work or community service: Add all community service you have worked as this will create an extraordinary impression on the employer.
  • Training or special skills: This part of your resume is also very essential as if you have gone through any special training then mention as it can play a great role in providing the service.

Desktop Publisher Resume

Desktop Publisher uses publishing software in order to produce professionally designed as well as presented documents by using the chart, images, numbers and printed material. Main items which are developed by the use of desktop publishing are newspapers, magazines, newsletters, business cards, calendars and books all are produced with the help of desktop publishing unit. However, there are few tips reading the development of the resume which are as follows-

  • · Resume of desktop publisher should be divided into subsections and separate sections along with bulleted points and paragraphs so that candidate’s resume should be easily decipherable.
  • · All essential details should be provided for example objective of your career, email addresses, permanent address, mobile numbers and contact information along with your full name.
  • · Professional achievements should be written next to desktop publishing objective as this will create a good impression upon the employer who is taking the interview.
  • · Professional experience details should be mentioned above section of education as it is more important in comparison to education section.
  • · Job responsibilities which you are fulfilling must be described in a chronological manner as it is the most important section of your resume.
  • · All of the essential skills which you are containing in yourself must be specified in the skills section of your resume.

Electrical Engineer Resume

You need a sample Electrical Engineer Resume template. Electrical engineer is a technical person who evolves in the installation of and management of electrical goods. This post requires good in depth practical knowledge regarding electrical management. It is advised by the experts that one should highlight his practical experience one by one in a separate page as employers are more interested that what kinds of projects one has undergone during his service cycle. One should remember that one must not highlight that things in the resume for which one is not containing in depth knowledge as any question raised by the interviewer can lead to rejection if you are not able to satisfy the employer.

The format of the Electrical Engineer Resume should be in this format-

1. All contact details should be written on top along with your full name and address.

2. ‘Objective’ should be written just beneath the contact details.

3. Practical experience and other experiences should be bifurcated in separate columns.

4. Educational details should be written and should be arranged in a chorological format.

5. Achievements and extracurricular activities should be highlighted with the help of bullets or numbers.

6. At last one should finish his resume by writing that one can provide references if required by the employer at the time of interview or at the time of joining.

Electrical Engineer Resume sample is very much needed.

Business Consultant Resume

Business consultants are those professional who are basically work to provide proper guidance regarding the different techniques and tools of business line. They are basically for providing help to those who are in need of help in their business structure.  They are multi-talented who have possessed every bit of knowledge from structure of market to the infrastructure of computer.

The aim of these professionals is very simple as they want to make a company more profitable in a long run.


  • Resume should contain those skills and abilities which lead a project to be achieved on time.
  • In order to make your resume, a eye catching you should include those accomplishments which helps to lead to the end of achieving a project formed.

Main headings which should be included in BUSINESS CONSULTANT RESUME are as follows:

  • Personal detail of a business consultant without hiding any information.
  • Work experience, if any, name of the company, years of working etc.
  • References, if any.
  • Skills and abilities related to the field of marking.

These are the basic heads which is mandatory to be in the resume in order to make it eye catching.

Lawyer Resume

Resume is just like a mirror image of the person who is applying for the job. This mirror image of the person should be well displayed on the piece of paper so that one can get a job for which one is applying. Lawyer work is based on facts so one should highlight more recent cases for which one has worked for as well as one should also mention the year and court level in which one is presently working or worked for. However, few points which are listed below can be of great importance such as-

  • Objective: One should write an excellent and unique two lines objective which can create an impression upon the interviewer.
  • Education: Person should try to write his last legal degree along with the name of the university and year in which one has completed it.
  • Work Experience: This part should be carefully designed in your resume and one should mention all the details for which one has worked for in chronological order. Create a list on different page regarding the advocate chambers for which you have worked for.
  • Mention the matters which are handled by you as well as your significant contribution in the assignments.
  • Skills should be clearly mentioned such as you are good listener and active, specialization in convincing, expert in creating quality documents, pleadings and precise drafting, managerial skills and oration.

Fashion Photographer Resume

Preservation of the images is the professionalism for every fashion photographer and one preserves the images which are captured by him where images can be in the form of thing, setting, person or an event. These fashion photographers are mostly self-employed persons and this is the reason why the market of fashion photographers is high.  When one wants to design a Fashion Photographer Resume then few things must be kept in mind such as experience, exposure of training and attachment of sample work in your resume. Few points listed below can be of great importance regarding your resume development such as-

  • · Start with indicating contact information: This information is very essential and it should be placed on the top of your resume such as your address, full name, cell numbers and emails address.
  • · Highlight all your presentations and exhibits which are participated by you: One should provide complete information regarding his work in which his photography is being displayed if possible and one should also provide publication date as it proves the authenticity of your work which is written on your resume.
  • · One should highlight its relevant experience as well as his photography.
  • · One should write his past as well as current client list.
  • · Honors and awards should also be mentioned if any.
  • · Indication regarding the equipment and technical expertise you use in your photography.

Coach Resume

Coach is the person responsible for the training of whole team and then making them do or accomplish some important task. For every team coach holds the pivotal role in rewarding team with the success or failure. As every important job requires great skills, similarly coach job is very important and that’s the reason that recruitment process of coach is very tough and lengthy. You must be very much careful in preparing your coach resume , any irregularity in it or mistake in it will spoil your image in the eyes of employer. Here in this site we are adding a sample coach resume template so that you can get started with your efforts in making coach resume for yourself.

Here is the link to download coach resume template.

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Copyrighter Resume

If you are going to apply for the copyrighter job then you have reached up to the right place at the internet. Here we are offering a free copyrighter resume template for free of cost. This template is prepared in MS word format and you can make necessary changes in it after download it form this site by following the download button deep below . Copyrighting is very important work as it ensures that nobody is copying your data or content illegally. We do hope that you will find this copyrighter resume template helpful for you and this will make your job lot more easier by getting started for you.

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Training Coordinator Resume

Training coordinator is the person who is sitting on the post which is related with conduction of development sessions and training for the volunteers and employees for organizations and companies. Coordinator role in the training is the first step in training profession. The development and training coordinator manages administrative and logistical work so that training program should be completed successfully. So it is advised by the experts that one should clearly indicate in his resume regarding the managing and administration work along with previous experiences. Time management is yet another task of training which has to be fulfilled by the coordinator. However, one should highlight few points in his resume in order to provide first position in the resume selecting criteria such as-

  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Administration or management
  • Budget management
  • Refinement or procedure development
  • Scheduling staff
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making
  • Personnel supervision
  • Performance evaluations
  • Leadership qualities
  • Public relations
  • Multicultural understanding
  • Project coordination
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Managing with management team and with person to whom training is to be provided.

All these above mentioned points can be of great importance if one takes care and included in his resume. These points are definitely going to provide a best place to your technical resume.

Auto Sales Officer Resume

Resume is the best way to attract the interviewer in order to get success in getting the job. However, there are few points which should be taken into consideration when developing a professional sales officer resume that are as follows-

  • · Summary should be included in the first para of the resume with unique and attractive words so that it can create a good impression on the person who is sitting in the interview.
  • · Accomplishments should be managed in a chronological order.
  • · Professional education should be highlighted in bold letters.
  • · If the candidate has taken any type of additional training then it should be highlighted along with the professional education as it is a part of education only.
  • · Experience column should be properly managed so that one can understand that candidate is working from a very long time in the field at the post of sales officer.
  • Income producing should be written correctly and no false information should be provided as this part can lead to the cancellation of the resume and one can lose his job at that moment only as target achieving is the prime goal of the sales officer
  • · One should write in the resume that one has is having sufficient knowledge regarding buying culture, market segment and competitive analysis.

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